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To help keep the afflicted out of existing hospital system(s) which were not built for, nor are ready for a pandemic. The last place any hospital wants COVID19 is at the hospital.


We are still waiting on official protocol to be established, but it’s likely the following will be implemented for those who test positive.

  • MILD cases self quarantine at home behind a closed door with a bed and bathroom, meals are passed in/out, no leaving the room, no guests, gloves & masks for all transactions.

  • MILD WITH RESPIRATORY issues that don’t require a ventilator quarantine under medical supervision and oxygen treatment. This will happen in hospitals and temporary quarantine areas like COVID19CRC.

  • VENTILATOR issues will be required to be at a hospital.

COVID19CRC will provide a safe quarantine area (RVs) for the afflicted. Patients who test positive and require oxygen treatment (but not a ventilator) will quarantine in an RV with an ISOLATED HVAC system, order meals to be delivered from a food canteen, and be monitored by a mobile med teams and nurses under the direction of doctors in a central command medical tent. The majority will recover WITHOUT INFECTING OTHERS and be discharged once cleared. If a patient worsens they'll be transported to a hospital. 


There are over 9M RVs in the US and using them as quarantine units is the most effective and cost efficient way to isolate and treat the afflicted. Because the amount of RVs deployed can expand and contract they offer a sensible, temporary, and SCALABLE solution. If 100 are required, there will be 100, if 1,000 are required, there will be 1,000. Monitoring patients in a preventive manner is far less stressful for medical staff as they graduate patients from red to yellow to green and then leave. We have decades of experience working with the medical community, local authorities, and health officials and we know how to to provide turn-key solutions to implement scalable temporary quarantine quarters that are nicer and less expensive than the hospital, where the average room cost is $2,143 a night or $15,000 a week (room only). This option would cost around $4,500 a week and will include everything.


COVID19 Citizens Response Center

1132 Mount Athos Road, Lynchburg, VA 24504

This is a PATIENTS ONLY Facility

Patients must pre-register

We have also targeted other existing sites, facilities, and locations that can accommodate a large number of RVs. Like the COVID19CRC these sites have infrastructure, power, water, septic, internet, food facilities, and others, all which host mass RV gatherings. Activating other sites in Virginia will be based on need. If other forecasted needs and location(s) are identified we can replicate and engage local, regional, and national festival, concert, sports, and event producers, specialists, and vendors to turnkey everything that would be required.

Our team leaders are Oliver Kuttner of Edison2 and Dave Frey of Lockn’ Festival. Our core-competencies as event producers uniquely qualify us to work alongside emergency services, local administrators, and health officials for mass gatherings. We're accustomed to renting RVs en masse, implementing large medical command center field units, deploying roving med-teams on Kabotas, feeding 10,000s' of people breakfast, lunch, & dinner, working closely with emergency services, providing security, complying with all the permitting authorities, cleaning up, providing power, water, septic, internet, and more. We operate in this space regularly and have all the skill-sets, the experience, the people, the assets, the broadband, the infrastructure, and we're accustomed to overseeing large and often unique public assembly challenges.

Founder’s message



By having ample space and using different paths for the infected people from the support people we think we can reduce the rate of infection of the support staff of healthcare workers and food and other service workers.

By using RVs we create a reasonable living environment for prolonged times during sickness.

By creating “a place to go” for people who test positive we can remove them from society reducing the risk of infection for family members or people living in the same housing complex.

By “being in the country” we actually can provide areas where infected people, who are not very sick, can go outside and likely have a higher quality environment than being in a confined building with many sick people.

By creating a ”village” we have the best chance to create an infrastructure of 24 hour supervision and emergency care. This is much superior than home confinement spread across different homes around a community.

Covid-19 is a respiratory disease. Breathing equipment will be essential but hard to come by. Thus clean uncontaminated fresh air is the next best thing.


Covid-19 Isolation and Quarantine - Light Duty Health Care Facility
Oliver Kuttner plans coronavirus facility to slow spread

Plan A

Plan A is for doing it as charity. RVs under Plan A will be held prioritized for Americans without insurance. We still reserve the right to issue a charge if appropriate but will make an effort to pass on the cost of the “bed” as a donation from a concerned citizen.

Plan B

In this plan we reserve the right to charge for the availability of the bed at market rates. We will share our overnight rate with the owner of the RV on a 50/50 split basis. We have no idea if there will be income and guarantee nothing. We do know there are systems in place such as insurance and other and by having a possible revenue channel we can attract more investment, possibly attract a professional hospital operator and cover expenses and thus provide better service.




As founder and manager of the facility, I, Oliver Kuttner, thank you and pledge to represent the interests of the community first -with my best efforts.
Our Address

1132 Mount Athos Road, Lynchburg, VA \\

Tel: +1 (434) 806-2435

Opening Hours

10:00am to 5:00pm (Subject to change with growth)