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Ready to go with a vaiable plan 

We have access to 100 acres of land located in Lynchburg, VA on which we can create an innovative way of dealing with the Covid-19 epidemic. By establishing the Citizen’s Response Center (CRC) we can develop a facility that takes advantage of a site with  ample water, power, Internet, and controllable security, and which utilizes the existing inventory of RVs within a 200 mile radius, to create a solution that promises to be infinitely better than setting up hundreds or thousands of beds in tent cities or convention centers. The Citizen’s Response Center (CRC) can make a difference.


Presently, we are ill-equipped to manage the care of the rapidly growing sick due to Covid-19 infection. Ventilators will be in short supply and, as it has been shown in Italy and Spain, healthcare workers are in real danger of falling ill themselves. These conditions are compounded by the fact that congested facilities such as convention centers, hotels and dormitories are cesspools of infections with single circulation and air systems. Finding a solution to this problem is a big task and time is of the essence. The Citizen’s Response Center (CRC) is an innovative solution to our problem.

CRC Citizen’s response center:

Setting up a network of RVs in the open with a clean walk and an infected walk 15 feet apart, greatly reduces the risks posed by housing people in places such as convention centers. We have already spent weeks locating RVs and suitable construction material. We are ready to begin work. Help us take the next step by:​

  • Making a pledge

We are in the early phase of our fundraising for this project. I am working on a commitment from the government or a big donor or partner. Your pledge will help us ensure the project moves forward.(pledge here - by sending us an e-mail address and pledged amount as well as contact phone number)


  • In kind donations. 

Bring things we need. If we do not get off the ground, you can pick your donation up again.

  • RV on loan. Bring your RV and after all is over, pick it up again.

  • Donate your time (and equipment use)

    • Help us prepare the site. Everything must be mowed now as later this cannot be done. Holes need to be dug for sewage transfer ponds. 

    • Help us increase awareness and make connections.

An investment in the future

  • Find corporate donors or partners.Invest money with us, We pledge to take the money and should we turn a profit give you 50% of the gross profit proportionate of your investment against the total investment. The remainder we reserve the right to keep to defray operating costs or incentivize our staff.

  • Bring us your RV on a profit share basis.

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