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Business opportunity

A chance to help and invest in a very confusing moment


We will supply much needed resources.  We will not price gouge.  Our position is that we will aim and get a 30% markup to cover a “return on investment “ and costs and contingencies.




We have located and purchased 49 Phillips Ventilators which are FDA approved and are in the process of sending them back  to the USA from the Wuhan province where they arrived after no longer being needed.


We have access to more machines, (Mainly EU certified) and to other supplies like the N95 masks and gowns… 

I have a good network of trusted partners around the world and I am prepared to help where I can.


Invest with us and help us on a 60/40 profit split  (“40% goes to the money”) do some good…


And let me know your needs and we will get to work…


Register here or email me directly at

Thank you


Oliver Kuttner


434 806 2435

Business Opportunity
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