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                        Founder’s message:


First and foremost I must say how sorry I am for those who have had terrible experience with this disease… 

Gladly I must also say that I am very happy that my originally grim fears have been proven to not materialize….  No one knows what happens with something completely new and I did not expect the abrupt slowing of the economy worldwide to be an option.   I am happy at the outcome that showed that we humans had at least some control….

So I am glad to have spent my own money “getting ready” for something horrific that did not come true.

That said I will try to put some concluding points from my point of view.  In the links section below is the University of Washington prediction and projections link the USA governments are following… I would say those guys have an understanding that is much better than mine and I recommend it.

There are further some links about the German response which is essentially similar to, but in different flair,  the responses in South Korea and China.

For the future I see us having to live with this threat for at least the next 18 months  + and suspect it will rear its ugly head from time to time in different places.  It may be a great preparatory lesson as this outcome likely was simply a matter of chance and a few slightly different variable in contagion, undetectable,  incubation period or lethality would have meant a much greater toll than the considerable toll this epidemic will cast upon us.

At the CRC we took no money for good reason as we felt this had to be government run – and correctly the governments have a working plan in place that, at least at this time, does not need our facility.  It is ready should there be a need or should it be deemed to make it a resource for a future event.

I thank from the bottom of my heart to those citizens who pledged (and we did not draw).  I thank you as you were willing to contribute in light of a scary situation to what was a preemptive measure.


We went into the equipment business for one week only to exit as it became obvious that we would just be one more set of hands further escalating crazy price escalations…. When our second order of ventilators commanded a 7 x price increase inside a week I knew it was time to pass.


Covid 19 will be a part of world history… and hopefully we learn from history.  I am saddened for those who live in places less well managed than our society who will have a severe toll both in lives lost and economic destruction…..


It was an interesting effort.  We are looking at the possibility of producing some protective gear that has not been seen before but no promises…


I suspect the story will continue to unfold…  thank you for your interest and thank you for your support and we are glad we jumped early with a plan that is not needed… this is the kind of failure I enjoy.

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