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Agreement for RV owners who are willing to lend their RV to the Covid-19 separation facility at 1132 Mount Athos Road, Lynchburg, VA
  • The Covid-19 Separation facility will be a yet to be formed LLC that is referred to as the “facility”, RV owner is referred as “Donor”. Provided the facility reaches critical mass and is a “go” the agreement will be assigned to this LLC and this is acceptable to the Donor.

  • Mission Statement: Facility is trying to create an organized crc as a pre-emptive measure in a coming Covid-19 healthcare crisis. We recognize that providing spaces where infected people can go to be separated from their family members and stay under supervision is essential to help reduce the number of infections for a community (flatten the curve).

  • We believe that this will be a longer than anticipated peak healthcare issue and thus take these actions.

  • Building a ”little city for infected people” with the support systems is a big task and RVs are a great step toward this. To make this effective over what may be months it requires building significant infrastructure like sewer connections, processing and other utilities. 

  • We are designing this agreement to attract the potential maximum number of users and we appeal to volunteers and people wanting to make money alike. Thus this agreement has several approaches.

  • We believe that we have major advantages over approaches usually suggested such as tent cities, modifying hotels or dormitories.


Donor is providing his or her RV for the duration of the crisis.

It may not be possible to remove the RV during the event. Effort will be made to remove RV if possible as the event tapers down but Donor has to accept timeline offered by the facility. Facility will use best efforts.


Facility will offer the best practices and services it can – Donor understands that facility may have to have some revenue to defray costs, attract people, attract investment and insure best possible services. Donor understands that unless he or she picks “Plan B” below he or she has no claim on any revenue.


The RV will be subject to wear and tear. Facility is not responsible for damage to the RV. RV will be parked and picked up by donor. Facility will make best efforts to keep RV in the best possible condition.


Facility reserves the right to hand over part of or the whole facility to an organization of its choice. Such an organization may be governmental like the National Guard or the military or private such as a healthcare provider (possibly for profit. It can also be an NGO such as the Red Cross or a combination of same. This is at the sole discretion of Oliver Kuttner who will manage the establishment of this facility but can transfer it at any time of his choosing.

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