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Corona Car and CRC: films by Johnny Saint Ours, camera by Johnny & Aesop Saint Ours

I have worked for and alongside Oliver for 20 years, known him to be a man of forward-thinking and empathy; he has my fullest respect. During the first job I ever worked with him, I saw Oliver leap into the quagmire of a sewer pipe someone else had ruptured, giving all of us employees and contractors full license to walk away. I jumped in with him, along with a few others, and grabbed the nearest shovel, while the majority heeded the 5 o’clock call and left for the day. In that moment, back-to-back against the sludge, I said I’d follow him into battle, and we’ve worked together, off and on, ever since. 

Today there is a battle, a battle against a virus on the field of a global economy not yet tuned to handle it. Here I am, with my two sons and what skills I can offer - as a designer, a steelworker, a director and writer… ready, willing and honored to participate.

Johnny Saint Ours

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