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Today is the day

If as a community we want to respond to the coming crisis and we want to have a system in place to responsibly separate out infected people to flatten the curve we must do it now this is the weekend by next weekend I will give up if I do not have massive support


Building a city that will house  7000 infected people and probably have two thousand support personnel takes time.  We are running out of time if you believe in this vision "spread the word" as much as you can about this option.   It is well thought out and can happen but we must begin now.

I will be at the facility today Saturday and tomorrow Sunday. You as concerned citizens can drop in and take a task or you can get on your computer and spread the word and try to get the word to the key decision-makers at the governmental level be at FEMA, the Army Corps of Engineers or city or county leaders.

I have had virtually zero feedback,  the way I see it “they are all sleeping” they are in crisis mode and don’t know what they are doing next...  This is very clearly displayed when you look at the different messages coming from the presidential level and coming from Governor Cuomo.

If you watch New York City, understand that your community is one 80th the size of New York City but will have the same ratios play out - just 3-4 weeks later...

If New York thinks it has 1/10 of the ventilators that it needs, trust me, you too will have 1/10 the ventilators you need.  I believe New York needs more not less...

So please understand this is the time to put in the time, I will do my best to help the community as well as I can but I have no interest in starting a massive project that cannot be completed and operational at the time when it is needed.

Help now and "spread the word" if you believe in what I’m doing.  I have put my money and my time where my mouth is.  I’m basing everything on evidence based on numbers.

Good luck to all of you.


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