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Ventilators... As everyone is screaming that we need ventilators and PPE.

I offered to one Virginia hospital that I could ask my Chinese friends to see what I can find in China at the manufacturer level (price out of the factory door).

WE were able to find sources for the full order but I was told that I had to act now.

In the three days it took me to put together the order the hospital felt they will get them locally (presumably from FEMA).

We found 49 ventilators - similar to Marquet Servo U, Servo I or Puritan Bennett 840

The hospital order was :

  • 10 ventilators

  • 50,000 M 95 masks

  • 100,000 General face masks

  • 20,000 full face shields

  • 2500 goggles

  • 50000 Isolation gowns (Level 2 per US standards).

I decided to immediately buy the ventilators - on my own risk - as I realize they will not be there the next day as every country is looking.... and as I have seen a discrepancy between the intentions of Federal responses and the actual response in particularly when I led a relief effort to Katrina - New Orleans.

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