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Because time is of the essence...
  • Building cars specifically designed to more safely transport infected people;

  • The key is to reduce the infection surfaces to a more manageable amount and to separate the air supply systems.

1. N95 Mask: 50,000

2. Procedure or General Face Mask: 100,000

3. Full Face Shields: 20,000

4. Isolation Growns, minimum level 2 per US standards: 50,000

5. Goggles: 2,500

6.  10 ventilators (ideally similar to Marques servo U or servo I or Puritan Bennet 840)

Finding Healthcare supplies from other locations:

In our search we located the following:

The cost of this package was $2 million plus USA import duty.
If you need such an order let us know - preferably smaller or in parts...
Further we are in the process of getting 39 ventilator machines which are very hard to get these days .
Cost for them is $200,000.— plus duty.
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